Last week I spent a few hours casually browsing the new At Home  (formerly Garden Ridge) by my job. About halfway through my shopping, I started snapping some pictures for ideas in the future. It’s always fun to look at products and use them for inspiration in my home.

7-11-16 Wooden Candle Holders

These wooden lanterns triggered me to start photographing my shopping visit. They are so warm and funky. Not sure if you can see it, but there’s a glass candle holder inside.

7-11-16 Glass Candle Holder

On the shelf below those lanterns were these wooden and glass hurricanes.

7-11-16 Gold and Black Votive Holder

I love these Moroccan-inspired votive holders that are painted a bright color on the inside. I’ve seen them in turquoise and pink, too.

7-11-16 Glass and Twine Lamps

Oh, the lamps! I could spend hours digging through these. The two that caught my eye are the ones wrapped in twine.

7-11-16 Wooden and Turquoise Lamps

I wish this picture didn’t come out so blurry. The wooden turquoise lamps were so cute! I kind of want to get the turquoise one, but I’m trying really hard not to decorate with this color.

7-11-16 Wooden Lamp

Here’s a slightly better picture of that wooden lamp with a too small shade.

7-11-16 Yellow Carved Wooden Hooks

7-11-16 Metal and Horse Hooks

There was a whole aisle dedicated to hooks. Look how silly that horse hook is! Could be cool spray painted a vibrant color.

7-11-16 Wooden Wall Art Trinkets

7-11-16 Love Gathers Here Sign

7-11-16 Wooden Signs

At Home has tons of artworks. Like, TONS! My favorite section is the wooden signs. Just look at that carved panel!

7-11-16 Canvas Print of New York City

I also love this canvas of New York City. I’d love to remake this with Austin.

7-11-16 Aisle of Letters

I was tempted to spell something out when I reached this aisle. 🙂

7-11-16 Modern Barstools

Look at these awesome modern stools. If they weren’t chrome I would totally buy them for the bar in our dining room.

7-11-16 Rustic Barstool

I like these a lot, too. They’re more realistic with our style, but they might be too bulky.

7-11-16 Rustic Chairs

These chairs are my favorite find for the day. Our kitchen has a bay window for a small table, but it’s still empty. I think these chairs might work nicely over there.

At Home has so many decor items and everything is so inexpensive! Go check it out.




Today Myra and I went out thrifting. Good Will is a great place to find things for decorating when you’re on a budget. I went in looking for picture frames for one of our walls (I’ll share that idea later) but knew that I needed an open mind. Of course I came out with everything but frames.

I found this amazing teal mason jar with a built in wire for hanging (snagged for $1.99). My plan for this is for either fresh bouquets of flowers or candles if we ever have our summer party.

The chair was really keeping a promise for Myra. Her other one broke and we’d been meaning to buy her a new one, and this one was only $1.99 which is way less than the chairs we were looking at.

Last we found this charging station for our cell phones. This is something I’ve been searching for for a long time. I’ve wanted one of these since I first came across them at Pottery Barn (which can be found here for $64.00 on sale). This one was marked at $0.99! I couldn’t believe it when I saw it.

And the grand total is… Five bucks and change. You can’t beat that for three unique thrift store finds and a fun afternoon out for the girls.