Today I’d like to introduce Michelle Shearer from WireMoonJewelry! Her Etsy shop features handmade wire wrapped jewelry with natural stones. I love the Native American inspiration found in her work, and the detail in her pieces is stunning! Without further ado, here’s Michelle:

Tell us a little about yourself.

I am a college student in Califonia trying to make a living with art. I am a huge crystal and stone nerd, with a collection that is overtaking my bedroom! I have a small cat, Hex, who is basically my child, and I live with my creative parents and sisters, in a crazy household of seven!


Dream Catcher Pair of Earrings

How did you become interested in creating?

My creative story all begins when I was little, with blond pig tales, sitting with my mom at a table and making small kiddie crafts. My mom knew that I needed to keep my ADHD hands on something to keep me still, so she showed me the world of crafting. Without knowing it, crafting and creating became a part of my everyday life. We experimented with different materials like paper, metal, paints, and clay. I was slowly becoming a Jack-of-All-Trades. I have also had a strong love for science. I was very interested in geology and the beauty of crystals and gemstones. Not until I was in high school, I mixed the two together. Bringing both beloved crystals and art together to make wire wrapped jewelry and sculptures.


Wire Wrapped Pendant Necklace

What is your inspiration?

My inspiration is often nature. To me, crystals and stones are some of the most beautiful things in the world. I needed a way to show off my stunning crystal collection and discovered wire wrapping. I am also fascinated with native American culture and lore. Another thing that inspires me is the idea that I can make a living doing this. Every time I dream of living on my own and being able to support myself creating art, I can’t help but get up and make a new piece of jewelry!


Snowflake Obsidian Necklace

What is your favorite piece you’ve made and why?

My favorite piece I have ever made is my copper and snowflake obsidian necklace. I love this piece so much, because I just adore snowflake obsidian, and in my opinion, this is my best piece yet. I put a lot of hard work and detail into this necklace, and sure was it worth it! I sold it to a close family friend, and I know it is well taken care of!



7-10-16 Sectional Sofa Downstairs

Today is definitely a lazy Sunday. I don’t think I’ve moved from the sofa for more than a span of twenty minutes. Speaking of our sofa… Last week my husband decided we should swap our upstairs sofa with the downstairs one. At the time I was skeptical. I thought the lighter sofa looked great where it was, but I have to admit our coffee colored sectional fits to room nicely. Once we finally add some color, it will tie in even better.

7-10-16 Fabric Swatches

7-31-16 Fabric Swatch

A couple weeks ago I posted about some fabric choices that will add color to our living room. Yesterday I received my swatches in the mail to test these bad boys out. This is exactly why you should always order swatches. While I still love each of them, seeing them in person is totally different than online. Let’s just say I’ve eliminated all of them. The large red and blue pattern on top was my favorite, but it just doesn’t fit our style.

7-10-16 Anthropologie Color Scheme

Anthropologie – Otsu Quilt

Decorating with a color other than teals and blues have proven to be a challenge, so I decided to browse through my recent pins to see what styles I like. As for design we both love this rustic Texas look, and I’m still obsessing over mid-century modern spaces. When it comes to color choices, I’m still at a loss, but I came across this subtle-toned quilt from Anthropologie. These colors remind me of the Southwest for some reason and that’s special to us Texans.

Who knows what we’ll end up doing at this point. This is just another snippet for the idea board.


7-3-16 Pretend Shopping

1. Zulily / 2. World Market / 3. TJ Maxx

A long time ago on another blog far, far away, I used to write a topic called “Shopping for Pretend”. I guess when you enjoy creating and arranging pretty things together but don’t have the money to actually buy said things, slapping up a blog post or a mood board is the next best thing. Even though The Lazy Home is my new blog, I guess it’s alright the carry over some of the old, too.

So here we go. Shopping for Pretend. This outfit started out by a visit to World Market’s website to look at textiles. I virtually wandered off and came across these earrings and knew I had to put together an outfit. The dress is from Zulily. I love the silvery, modernness of it.

Also, I heard that espradrilles are coming back in style (yay!). Let me tell you, I may struggle to pronounce them but I can rock some esparadrilles.

The cool thing about this outfit is that the total for all three of these items is less than $70. I might have to shop for real and ditch the “pretend.”


Yesterday was my husband’s birthday, so I decided to try to cook something special for him. His favorite restaurant is Papadeaux’s which  serves cajun and seafood. I love the idea of seafood, but in actuality I find it repulsive. And that’s too bad because I think it looks beautiful and has great health benefits.

7-3-16 Lemon Wedges and Parsley

I decided to make a combination of this paella recipe and this shrimp foil pack. Well, it was mostly the paella recipe, but I thought the sliced corn from the second added a nice bit of color. I’ve always wanted to try mussels. They look really yummy popped open in a bed of pasta, so I was excited about giving this meal a shot.

7-3-16 Mussels

I also got to experience my first shrimp de-veining. That was NOT fun.

7-3-16 Shrimp Ew

It was strange cooking this meal. I’ve never smelled something that made me both salivate and gag simultaneously. No matter how bad I want to like seafood I should just accept the fact that I won’t.

I put a lot of work into it. I even fire-roasted my own tomatoes on the grill versus buying the canned stuff.

7-3-16 Seafood Dinner

It came out beautiful (even if the photo was blurry). Sadly, my son was the only one to like the meal. I think between getting the family involved in the shrimp de-veining and the mussels (they icked me the heck out—pictures are deceiving!), no one really ate it.

But that’s okay. At least I got a visit from my tree frog friend.

7-3-16 Kermit the Tree Frog

Well, it was a beautiful meal. The recipe was great and smelled heavenly up until the point I added the prawns. Too bad no one ate it.