Hi, y’all! It’s been a little bit since I’ve posted last. About a week ago I pulled my back and sort of fell in an I’m-too-scared-to-do-anything-that-might-reinjure-myself slump. The laundry room makeover was going well up until that happened, so now I’m taking a break from anything too strenuous (i.e., painting cramped spaces and moving washers and dryers).

In the mean time, MJ and I went on a trip to Hobby Lobby and I happened upon this funky piece of art:

I might not have given this a second glance if I hadn’t found this cool print on Etsy (Geode Print by Capricorn Press) a few weeks ago.

I fell in love with this print as soon as I saw it, but I was worried it was too big for our living room. But when I found this geode print at Hobby Lobby for $24.99 (and half off!) I knew it was a keeper! It even matches our color scheme perfectly!

The print has so many cool rocks on it, so I decided to cut it into pieces and create a set of matching art pieces. I hopped over to Ikea and picked up these Ribba shadow box frames. I just made two for now, but I’m thinking I might do four eventually and place them in our dining room.

First, I took the mat out and moved it around the print to pick the best pieces of the picture. I ended up going with the two on the left.

Next I mapped out the section I wanted, flipped the poster over and used the mat as a guide to draw a square on the back of the print. I added about a quarter of an inch when I cut it out.

Last I used a scrapbook double-sided tape roller along the edges on the back side of the mat and then firmly pressed the poster on the back.

And voila! Easy peasy artwork. Here it it hanging on the right side of our fireplace.

And here’s the second one I made on the other side.

I’m saving the remaining bits of the picture in case I decide to make the other two and create my gallery.

This was such a quick and easy project that took only about 20 minutes. Oh, and here’s the break down of this simple craft:

Geode Print: 50% off $24.99 divided by four pieces – $3.12
Ikea Ribba Shadow Box – $14.99
Total – $18.11


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