Adding Interest and Dimension to Your Walls

It’s only Tuesday but so much has happened in the week already. The laundry room mini makeover is starting to take shape (photos will be up later this week fingers crossed), I’ve jotted down lots of ideas for the living room, and have been on a shopping frenzy for inexpensive organizers. One thing I’ve been looking into for our living room and possibly our downstairs bath is making over the walls. Even if it’s just an accent, I’d love to add some depth and interest.

Shiplap has become such a big trend over the past several years, if you’re into the whole farmhouse thing. What’s funny to me is that paneling is such a dated decorating no-no. But flip those wall slats 90 degrees and suddenly it’s trendy! I’m not here to judge. 🙂

Some ideas I’m considering for around the house…


The Lazy Home | Painted and  Stained Shiplap

The Inspired Room

The Lazy Home | Painted Shiplap  with Black Clock

Little House of Four


The Lazy Home | Cork Board Wall

Blog Lovin’


The Lazy Home | Painted Brick Wall

The Inspired Room


The Lazy Home | Beadboard and Wallpaper

Jamie Keskin

The Lazy Home | Beadboard, Wallpaper, Mint Door

Making It In Mountains

The Lazy Home | Bright Eclectic Wallpaper

The Glitter Guide


The Lazy Home | Minimalistic Gallery Wall

Indeed Decor

The Lazy Home | Oversized Entryway Artwork

Luxe Source


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