7-17-16 Laundry Room Doors

You may have noticed in my house tour that I’ve strategically photographed only one side of the kitchen. Well, here it goes. I give you a “real talk” photo of the empty, unfinished, catch-all side of our kitchen.

There’s enough room for a small table in the bay window, but the problem is there are 3 doors and a pair of bi-fold doors leading to the laundry room.

7-17-16 Laundry Room and Breakfast Nook Layout

Here’s a not-to-scale image of how many doors we have back there! I hope to one day find a table solution for back there, but for now I’m going to focus on the scary lack of organization going on in the laundry closet.

7-17-16 Bifold Laundry Room Doors

You can see to the right, there’s junk piled up which reminds me of something else I should share. We have zero storage closets downstairs. Yep. Not even a coat closet. There’s a small pantry in the kitchen but obviously we use that for food. Which brings me to…

7-17-16 Laundry Room Cabinets Before

…the two cabinets above our washer and dryer. Cue the horror music sounds. Literally everything we want out of sight gets tossed carelessly on one of these shelves. The bottom left shelf is (mostly) cleaning supplies and detergent, and basically everything else on these shelves is non-sensical.

7-17-16 Nailed Broom and Mops

On the left wall, I drilled in a few screws to hang up our broom and mops.

7-17-16 Empty Cabinets Laundry Room

Just emptying these shelves gave me a sense of relief. I’m determined not to re-load them until I have a better grip on the junk and a storage system in place.

7-17-16 Laundry Room Idea 1

Pottery Barn

I would love for this little nook to wind up looking like this. But this might be a little too frilly.

7-17-16 Laundry Room Idea 2

Who What Wear


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