7-10-16 Sectional Sofa Downstairs

Today is definitely a lazy Sunday. I don’t think I’ve moved from the sofa for more than a span of twenty minutes. Speaking of our sofa… Last week my husband decided we should swap our upstairs sofa with the downstairs one. At the time I was skeptical. I thought the lighter sofa looked great where it was, but I have to admit our coffee colored sectional fits to room nicely. Once we finally add some color, it will tie in even better.

7-10-16 Fabric Swatches

7-31-16 Fabric Swatch

A couple weeks ago I posted about some fabric choices that will add color to our living room. Yesterday I received my swatches in the mail to test these bad boys out. This is exactly why you should always order swatches. While I still love each of them, seeing them in person is totally different than online. Let’s just say I’ve eliminated all of them. The large red and blue pattern on top was my favorite, but it just doesn’t fit our style.

7-10-16 Anthropologie Color Scheme

Anthropologie – Otsu Quilt

Decorating with a color other than teals and blues have proven to be a challenge, so I decided to browse through my recent pins to see what styles I like. As for design we both love this rustic Texas look, and I’m still obsessing over mid-century modern spaces. When it comes to color choices, I’m still at a loss, but I came across this subtle-toned quilt from Anthropologie. These colors remind me of the Southwest for some reason and that’s special to us Texans.

Who knows what we’ll end up doing at this point. This is just another snippet for the idea board.


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