We purchased our house knowing it’d need a lot of work, and it’s been so much fun! It’s always interesting to look back at where you started, though. Since I’m trying to backtrack our projects for my blog, I thought I’d share the pictures from when we first bought our house. Starting with these pictures from the real estate listing.

Our House Before We Bought It

House shopping was a real struggle with this one! The market at the time was so competitive that we probably ended up making thirty offers before we landed this one. I think we lucked out, to be honest. The listing photos were pretty bad and the house was looking rough in person, too. This worked to our advantage when we made our offer.

kids bath 1

backyard 1

I fell in love with the weird backyard. It’s pretty ironic that the part of the house that’s the biggest head-scratcher now was what attracted me to it in the beginning. I have a lot of ideas for it, but it’s a big project. More on that later.

Once we moved in, there were several major issues that we addressed right away including:

  • Replacing the water heater that was leaking carbon monoxide. Yikes!
  • Fixing a few minor plumbing issues, like the bathtub knob and a couple leaky faucets
  • Trimming/removing some of the trees
  • Repairing the siding that had rotted from the trees rubbing up against it
  • Painting the new siding
  • Having the exterminator come out to get rid of the mice and rats that had come in through the holes in the siding (notice a trend? moral of the story: trim your trees or bad things might happen!)
  • Having an electrician repair some faulty wiring throughout

living room 1

These problems had to be taken care of right away, so we think a lot of buyers were deterred. But not us! We moved in and got right to work.

It was difficult for me at first, though. Normally when you spend a lot of money on house projects you expect to see a drastic change, but when it’s all under the surface there’s not really that aha moment you’re waiting for.

kitchen 2

Fireplace Kitchen

But a couple months in we started the fun stuff like freshening up the paint colors and replacing a couple lights. Our home has come a long way, and we’re just getting our momentum back. Time to get to crackin!


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