7-3-16 Pretend Shopping

1. Zulily / 2. World Market / 3. TJ Maxx

A long time ago on another blog far, far away, I used to write a topic called “Shopping for Pretend”. I guess when you enjoy creating and arranging pretty things together but don’t have the money to actually buy said things, slapping up a blog post or a mood board is the next best thing. Even though The Lazy Home is my new blog, I guess it’s alright the carry over some of the old, too.

So here we go. Shopping for Pretend. This outfit started out by a visit to World Market’s website to look at textiles. I virtually wandered off and came across these earrings and knew I had to put together an outfit. The dress is from Zulily. I love the silvery, modernness of it.

Also, I heard that espradrilles are coming back in style (yay!). Let me tell you, I may struggle to pronounce them but I can rock some esparadrilles.

The cool thing about this outfit is that the total for all three of these items is less than $70. I might have to shop for real and ditch the “pretend.”


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