Today I’d like to share the progress in our master bedroom.

But first, something tragic happened. In all my smart-phoning years I’d never fatally dropped my phone until yesterday. It still works but sometimes when I swipe it, a shard or two splinters off into the pad of my thumb. That’s normal, right?

I’m debating what to do about this. I’ve been pretty content with my phone and didn’t want to replace it. The only thing I’d like is a better camera. Don’t get me wrong, the S5 has a great camera, but within a week of owning it, I scratched the lens. Who knows—I might finally jump the gun and go the ol’ flip phone route.

But back to our bedroom. Typically, I’m drawn to light colors, but there’s something about a darker gray in the master. These pictures actually look slightly lighter than it is in person; it’s a great color! I bought two cans of the paint (Pewter Tankard by Sherwin-Williams) from Lowes and was surprised that it took less than one. I might bust out the other can somewhere else in the house.

Master Bedroom 2

Since my phone broke, I used my “real camera” to take these pictures. I couldn’t get a good shot of the other side of the room on my camera (guess it’ll take some getting used to again) but here are a few details that did come out alright.

Candle on Wall Sconce

Bronze Bathroom Doorknob

We’ve updated almost all of our doorknobs in the house to bronze. We had a mix-match of brass and brushed nickel, but the black gives the hardware the pop we’re looking for (contrast, contrast, contrast).

Master Bedroom Angled Ceiling

Out of five fans that need replacing, we’ve taken care of three. Swapping out fans ain’t as easy as a light, so we didn’t get around to doing our bedroom yet. Also check out the cool angles of our ceiling!

Master Bedroom Windows

Well that’s it for now. We still have a long way to go:

  • New flooring all upstairs
  • Pillows/bedding with more pop
  • Artwork
  • Ceiling fan
  • Either update or replace the dressers
  • New nightstands

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