Why is going back to work after vacation always so hard? Last week was awesome because we spent several days chilling at the house and discussing being productive. This week I’m paying the toll for it. I’m sitting on the couch watching three baskets of laundry not take itself upstairs  (bad, laundry!) and thinking of ways to keep sitting.

And that’s how I decided to start this blog post about selecting an exterior paint color!

house before

As of now, our house is sporting this lovely red brick. Ever since I painted our fireplace, I have been dying to do the outside as well. I love the smooth color of the paint with the texture of the brick underneath. It’ll probably be a while until we get around to doing this (plus it might still take some convincing), so for now I’ve created a couple of renderings in Photoshop to satisfy my painting needs.

First, here are a few inspiration photos I’ve gathered:

6-30-16 Painted Houses on Pinterest

1. Beneath My Heart / 2. Things That Inspire / 3. Houzz

I feel like painted brick is so classy and storybook-ish. Out of these photos, we really like #3. The color is a nice warm gray, and bonus, the porch light is the same as the ones we have!

6-30-16 Whitewashed Houses on Pinterest

4. Southern Living / 5. Photons House

I’ve also grown fond of whitewashing brick. This is keeping up with the fairytale feeling I love for exteriors, but I’m not too sure how it will look on our home. Also, I tested whitewashing our fireplace and that did NOT go as planned…

So here’s one option I tested. I wasn’t too crazy about this one, but J seemed to like the richness of it. It might be better if we stained it if we went this route.

house paint2

This is the option I like! I think a warm gray paint (maybe a little warmer than the picture) will freshen the house up. I even decked the yard out a bit in the pic! Ha!

house paint

Once the house is painted, I want to add new black shutters to contrast against the paint, a rustic wooden door, and a hanging light in the middle. Also our flowerbed doesn’t drain properly so all of our plants’ roots rotted. We ripped all of them up and never replaced them. I’m starting to think that instead of a flowerbed, we could add a sitting area to watch the kids ride their bikes and play.

Whatever we do, it won’t be anytime soon. But it’s still fun to play.


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