Having a mini garden right in our backyard has been a learning experience to say the least. All of this started on a whim and I’ve made plenty of mistakes over the last three months. But hey, for just three months I’d say it’s looking good overall!

Originally our garden was tucked away on the side of the house. It was such a cute location, and I loved being able to walk around to what felt like a secret garden hideaway. The problem was my plants weren’t getting enough sunlight (about four hours a day). They really need six to eight hours of direct light. Even though I’d read this, I was worried the harsh Texas heat would be too much for them, but I was proven wrong. Texas heat just means more watering.

So here’s a quick, updated tour of what’s going on in the garden.


The poblanos are shooting up nicely. I can tell these guys are going to be tall! The first buds are starting to appear, so we’ll probably get a couple baby peppers in the next week or so.

6-24-16 poblano pepper plant


Look how lush this guy is! My jalapeños are loving to soak up this Texas sun! And look—we have a baby!

6-24-16 tiny jalapeno pepper6-24-16 lush jalapeno plant


We also have our first bell peppers. You can see one clearly here and right below it is another tiny one hiding.

6-24-16 tiny bell pepper


The cayennes are sprouting like mad! We have two turning red and have already harvested two others. And look at the last pic! Try to count how many there are!


My greens were super sad on the side of the house. I tried to salvage them by moving them to this sunny pot, and now they have tripled in size!

6-24-16 collard greens


Remember that cantaloupe sprout a few weeks ago? Now it’s climbing up my wall and has little buds ready to pop open.

6-24-16 cantaloupe vine


Same goes for my spaghetti squash! It’s growing like crazy and has five buds.

6-24-16 budding spaghetti squash vine


We have two rutger tomatoes that are about an inch high. I counted about forty blooms between the rutgers and the romas. 😀

6-24-16 baby tomatoes


My cilantro has seeded and it looks like they’re ready to drop soon. Here’s to hoping it resprouts without issue! The oregano (left) is trailing along, too. In the second picture you can see the mint and basil flourishing.

6-24-16 corriander seeds6-24-16 mint and basil plants

So far so good with the garden! I can’t wait for these guys to harvest!!


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