Well as you know we recently refinished MJ’s enormous queen-sized bed that used to belong to us. It’d been so in our garage for about five years, so it was in pretty rough shape. The polyurethane coat was chipping and worn, and in some places there was weird glue or something caked on the surface in globs.

Queen Headboard Before

When we originally bought this bed, we fell in love with the clean lines and asian feeling. I wanted to stain the wood a grayish brown color, but MJ insisted it be painted white. Her room, her rules. 🙂

Now for my secret weapon when it comes to painting. I used have trouble with my wrists cramping up when I paint, and I’ve found that a brush with a short, rubber handle like this brush by Wooster helps. And the angle of the brush along with the two different brush hair lengths makes painting edges a breeze.

6-19-16 Bedframe Before

But before you start painting furniture, you have to rough up the surface. As you can see in the above pic, there is a glossy sheen which paint won’t stick to. All you have to do is run the sander over it. This took me about 10 to 15 minutes per section.

6-19-16 Bedframe Sanded

Here you can see the sanded version before I wiped it off. If you want to stain your furniture instead, you’ll need to keep sanding.

6-19-16 Paint

I chose to go with some leftover trim paint I had on hand to keep this project as inexpensive as possible. It’s a paint and primer in one from Lowes (the color was True White).

6-19-16 Headboard Painting

Then I just painted it on the roughened up surface in light coats. Up until this point in the project, I was pretty proud of myself and cheering myself on—”yeah, this is so quick and easy!” This is when I realized the headboard we had was going to take forever to get fully coated. Because of the darker stain it took four coats (five in some spots). That’s a lot of work between all of those slats!

6-19-16 Bed Painted

And here it is nestled into that corner I spoke of in an earlier post—the only corner that will properly fit the bed. Only it didn’t fit! You can’t see it in the picture, but the footboard stuck out in front of the closet by about six inches. Between trying to sand and paint after working all day and waiting for each coat to dry, I’d already sunk about three days into this project. So you can imagine seeing the bed for the first time was not a high point. (Always measure first. Come on, Madeline!)

6-8-16 Cheery Bed and Side Table

So our options were to go back to a smaller bed or flip it so it’s in front of the bay window. I’m pretty sure I was glaring when I said to flip it. But I have to admit, it’s actually nice walking down the hallway and seeing this happy bedding peaking out of her room.

Refinishing solid wood furniture is pretty simple as long as you prep it first. Just be patient with getting the coats on it, and enjoy the results!

6-19-16 Feature Image


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