The last time you saw MJ’s new queen bed (which is actually our first bed when we got married), it was in this state:

Queen Headboard Unfinished

Now after some sanding, painting, and elbow grease, it looks like this:

6-8-16 New Bed and End Table

Sanding the bed only ended up taking about 30 minutes or so. That was what I was dreading most about this project. Surprise, surprise! The hardest part ended up being the painting. It took a good four to five coats to get this thing covered, but the result was totally worth it.

6-8-16 Refinished Bed After

The bedding is actually from Walmart. I fell in love with this vibrant, patterned quilt by Better Homes and Gardens which cost about $39. The cute Totoro watercolor pillow in the center was a gift off Amazon from my mom.

6-8-16 Cheery Bed and Side Table

Funny thing: in the last post I mentioned how I couldn’t squeeze the bed in this corner because it would cover the bay window. I still would have preferred the bed on the other wall, but the queen was so big it blocked about six inches of the closet. Sad day. But we’re still happy with how it looks on the other side.

6-8-16 Side Table

Let’s take a closer look at this end table! We got this from At Home for a steal! Just as we were walking out of the furniture section I spotted some clearance. Everything was fifty percent off and we snagged this perfect little side table for just $35.

6-8-16 Yarn

Well that’s it for now. We’ve got one corner of her room looking much better which unfortunately leaves the opposite corner looking neglected (note it’s lack of photos). More on that later. For now here’s a sneak peak of an upcoming project.


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