Neither of my kids have ever had a completely decorated room. The frustrations I’ve faced with decorating rooms for kids is the lack of organization, and my daughter wins the prize for most items collected in the house. Most kids have toys and junk piled high, but my daughter has a knack for saving everything—each piece of paper she’s ever written on, tissue paper scraps, paperclips, the silver parts of pencils that hold the erasers, shoeboxes, ziplock bags…need anymore examples? When I go through the boxes and drawers in her room, I question why she keeps these “treasures” and she always has an idea of how to recycle the item.  It’s hard to fight against saving the planet, but that’s how redecorating her room began. She needed a major organizing overhaul and some tough love on when to toss something.

The other reason we decided to focus on her room was that she is beginning to outgrow her Ikea daybed. My girl is tall and needs something more comfortable. Here’s a poor quality photo of her bed and some random floor items. Let’s just focus on the bed and not the other. 🙂

Girl Bed

Her room is pretty tiny. This is basically the only place for a bed to go since the opposite wall is a bay window. A queen bed will fit snugly in this little nook, but ultimately her comfort at night is more of a concern than lack of space in her room.

Speaking of her queen bed, the picture below shows the bed we are refinishing for her room. This is an old bed that’s been sitting in our garage for about 5 years now. I’d been saving it for a guest room, but I’m just glad it has a purpose now. And MJ will be so happy with her new bed.

Queen Headboard Before

As for the style of the room, we’re planning on DIYing more of the decor. The colors will be bright and cheery, turquoises and corals.

6-5-16 Bed with pom poms

Source Unknown {comment if you know it, please!}

This bed is adorable. She asked for something with a canopy and I came across this pom pom “canopy.” But sadly her room wouldn’t work with something oversized like this.

6-5-16 Girly Tribal Rug

Emerson Grey Designs

I’m a huge fan of tribal print! These soft, girly colors are absolutely adorable for a little girl’s room. And the print is something she can grow into.

6-5-16 Loft Bed with Hideout


This hideaway underneath a loft bed is adorable! MJ really liked this idea, but queen bed and loft don’t really belong in the same sentence. Especially when we’re aiming for “tweenage”. But the colors are great and I’m loving that funky giraffe!

6-5-16 Ombre Curtains

Project Nursery

Now here’s something we’re definitely borrowing! MJ feel in love with these peach ombre curtains, so we’re going to make some of our own.

6-5-16 White Dresser with Gallery Wall

Pretty Providence

This is another great example of the color scheme/style we’re going for. Turquoise and Coral against grayish walls.

Her bed is nearly finished now, so in the next few days I’ll post pictures of the process. Here’s a quick summary of the updates we’re planning:

  • Refinish queen sized bed
  • Touch up the walls
  • DIY ombre curtains
  • Purchase a dresser
  • Purchase or build a bench/window seat
  • Find a mirror for over her dresser
  • Art for her walls

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