Stairs 2

I mentioned in my mini house tour post the other day that our stairs are at an in-between stage. When we moved in the rails spokes (are they called spokes? like bicycle spokes?) were primed but not actually painted. This made a nice, sticky surface for dirt to cling to. Rather than keep them white, I wanted to add some contrast to our gray walls by painting them black. But my kids ended up going on a scratching spree and chipped off a lot of the paint. They thought it was cool. I did not.

But my plan was never to keep these rails. Eventually I want to install what I like to call the “classic Texas stair rail look.” Something like this:

stair samples

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I also like the railing in the second picture and am considering wrapping the columns on ours in wood similar to this.

In the meantime, I’m just going to repaint the spokes black and paint the fronts white. Taking it from this:


To this:

Stair Makeover

Again, the key to my house is contrast. I love mixing light and darks and adding wood elements and pops of color.

You might notice that I also photoshopped the bathroom wall lighter. We painted the bathroom a dark teal color and love it! Unfortunately we found out recently that the kids don’t like going to the bathroom downstairs because they are afraid that it’s too dark. We’re not sure what color it will end up. Maybe a sage-y green color.

Hopefully in the next week or two I’ll have some updated photos on our stair makeover. Then we’ll move onto the bathroom.


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