It’s hard to believe school is coming to an end in the next week! My kids will be graduating third grade and kindergarten and end-of-the-year activities are well underway. At the end of the school year I alway look back and think how I wish I’d been a little more organized throughout the year and stayed on top of things. Maybe in an upcoming post, I’ll have a solution to the paper monsters breeding in Myra’s bedroom.

While browsing on Amazon, I came across this interesting block calendar which started my turning organization wheels. But oops—I got side-tracked and started looking at rustic decor and organizers. I’m especially loving that antique jewelry holder. It might end up in my kid’s yellow and turquoise bathroom one day.

photo compilations

  1. Ohio Wholesale Vintage Perpetual Calendar
  2. Kate Aspen Vintage Lantern
  3. Square Wood Napkin Holder
  4. Ohio Wholesale Vintage Soap Dish
  5. Grazing Vintage Decorative Wall Clock
  6. Antique Jewelry Hanger

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