side-yard 1

My vegetable garden has made some improvements since my previous post. I’ve got my side yard completely cleared out and mulched (after laying down black plastic to block out the weeds).


I debated whether to plant in containers or a raised garden bed. Originally I wanted to dig up a huge section of my yard but eventually opted to place a mini raised bed on my side yard along with containers. Bonus: all of the rocks and stepping stones were found in my backyard. Apparently whoever lived in our new house before us left a garden stones dispersed around the yard (oh yeah, did I mention we moved?).


One random veggie that I’m growing is garlic. Around the time I was planting my seedlings, I happened to find an all but forgotten clove of garlic in my refrigerator. I simply separated the cloves and stuck them in a pot. The picture above shows how high they’ve sprouted up in the past month. They’ve even surpassed my regrown green onions in the third and fourth row.

collards 4

I also have little yellow onion seedlings sprouting up in the raised bed, but they were too small for photographing. On the other end are my collard green sprouts (above).

cayenne pepper

After a failed attempt at growing a red pepper plant from crushed red pepper flakes, I caved and bought a dragon cayenne pepper plant. And look! I already have a baby pepper.

tomatoes 6

My hubby wanted to make sure whatever we did with our vegetable plants, it had to look nice. We picked out these awesome half whiskey barrel. They look even better in person and they are huuuge! You can see my tomatoes soaking up the sun in them. I also placed several more yellow onion seeds in front of the tomatoes, so we’ll see if they sprout!

aphid-attacked-bell-pepper 7

Sadly, one of my baby bell peppers has been brutally attacked by some pest. I’ve got a couple of spares on standby, but the little guy might just pull through. In total, I’m keeping five bell pepper plants. The cool thing is that I bought a packet of mixed bell pepper seeds, so it’ll be a surprise to see which color peppers we get.


Here are my ancho/poblano pepper sprouts. I ordered them off amazon after I started my other seedlings, so they are about two weeks behind, but boy am I excited! These are my absolute favorite peppers. I can’t wait to share recipes with these guys.

side yard

And after all of that chaos from my solo-cup-infested porch, I only ended up with these twelve remaining seedlings (plus the two extra bell peppers). All of the others have found homes, and I have a potential adoption set up for these guys as well.


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