Back with the promised wish list for our living room.  It seems I’ve gotten a little carried away with the house wish list, but I feel like if I break it down room by room, I look like I have less problems—it’s a sickness, people.  Basically, I’ll break down every piece of the room and show off some inspiration photos.

And without further adieu, here is the infamous Wish List: Living Room Addition


• More colorful pillows and throw.  Yay! I’m halfway there with this project.  I’ve already got three pillows made up from the big sewing showdown last week.  Right now I’m debating whether to add some more color or go neutral.  I know, I’m terrible with color.  I promise not to go brown or green, though; I’m through with my safe colors.  Here are some fabric ideas that I’m considering:

Okay, so the natural one is technically brown, but I think it could match the natural color in the chevron curtains.  I like the idea of the red and natural polka dots, too.  I’m hoping to use some red accents throughout the room.  The leafy one is pretty, too, but I’m concerned it may be too much blue.  

  • Chair or two – We realize “or two” is pushing our luck.  We’re considering a chair and a half, since Jason would like a love seat and I’m partial to a chair.


  • Low bookcase for room divider or under window (possibly with cushion for seating) – This one’s easy.  I’ve had my eye on this shelf at Ikea for a while now.  Just keep putting off getting it.  It’ll go between the kitchen and the living room.  Basically, we have got to find some more storage.  I’m hoping to get the matching baskets to tuck away some extra kitchen supplies.
  • Large art piece over sofa – Hmmm, this one’s harder to explain… In this month’s issue of Better Homes and Garden, I saw exactly the style painting I’ve been wanting to create.  We’ll see though.  For now, I tried to find some fabric close to what I’m thinking, with not much luck.  Imagine something like this, only a little less mod…


And in these colors…

And, you know, less like a five-year-old did it.

  • New floor pillows – I sense another sewing adventure! Here’s what I’m thinking.  Still not sure about the fabric choice, but at least you can see where we’re going.  I’m planning on making two—one for each kid.


  • Gallery art going up stairs – Yup, no where close. I think the problem is that I don’t know if I want to go all white with frames or mix them up like the photo below.


  • Some kind of lettering above TV – I’m thinking of the word “inspire” since Jason and I are always looking for inspiration in our crafts.


  • Neutral rug – I still love this rug I found on Joss & Main before I realized their items expire.  Fail, on my part! I still like dreaming about walking on this beauty.


  • Simply patterned draperies (possibly chevron or large horizontal stripes) Yay! One thing on this list is actually finished!


  • New coffee table and side tables – I’ll be looking around at Good Will for these. I’m hoping to have two different end tables, one refinished into a light color and the other a vibrant red. Here’s an example I found on craigslist for the neutral one. 
  • Fill up the TV stand with spiffy stuff – Ugh, this TV stand feels like a room in itself.  I’ve actually been working on filling this up this past week.  So far I only have a few things.  Hopefully, I can update you on this next week.

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