Grace and Ivy

This is what I would like to call “the Old Spice technique.”  Look at my closet, now back at me.  Now look at my closet, now back at me… Just an awesome closet I found!

So I finally finished a room on my wish list!  Well, almost… And that room is sort of my hall closet.  Not as climactic as you hoped? Well, this is huge for me! I’ve lived in this house for five years and have never felt like any of the rooms have been complete. My bedroom was the first room to feel well on its way, and suddenly everything’s spiraled out of control in the decorating aspect.

I decided to take on a few smaller projects for now, so I reread my infamous wish list and came across the hall closet. I wanted to add a shelf to it so I can keep my stroller on top of our speaker without damaging it. Side note: We have a sound system that sounds amazing but has an enormous speaker that doesn’t quite fit our living room vibe. So it remains in it’s hidden home in our closet until we need it.

We bought a couple of Lack tables from Ikea a while back to solve our no end table dilemma. As you can expect from an $8 table, the veneer eventually began to pull off one of the sides. Well today the light bulbed dinged in my head, and I realized this would actually work out perfectly.  Why go to the trouble of building a shelf for our closet with I practically had one already. It fit in perfectly and now holds our stroller and other random stuff.

As I crossed that off the list, I realized I’d accomplished two out of the three things. The only one left was to add storage to the inside of the door for our batteries, light bulbs, tape, etc. After some thinking it over (I really wanted to finish my list), I decided to take the shelf in our pantry and cut it in half.

About an hour later and a little muscle-loss in my arms, and I did it! I just used a hand saw that was appropriate for metal and sawed away.  I filed down the raw edge until they were smooth, and now I have two lovely  shelves for my closets.  It worked out because we only used about half of the shelves in the pantry anyway.

Okay, so it’s not that dramatic of a change, I know.  But imagine a few storage baskets—which is why I said I’m almost done with the list; I’m adding this now. Something like these bad boys…

Sunshine and Chaucer

For now, I’m just loving the fact that I can put my things somewhere besides the shelf in the laundry room.  Can I get a “holla” for a productive weekend?

Oh and camera’s sick again, so the phone was my only option. Sigh. I long for the day that I understand the complexity of a camera…

So this is the wish list for the closet, happily scratched to completion, minus the boxes…

Hall Closet:

Add some sort of storage shelf inside

Door storage with pockets/baskets for our “junk”

-Storage box


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