So there’s this thing going on right now called the Pinerest Challenge where you actually create something that you’ve pinned on your wall.

madeline meekins pinterest challenge

See that first item? It’s a painted brass candle stick holder from Young House Love.  Somehow seeing this item blossomed into painting a clock that we bought when our house was heading in a more traditional direction.  Thank goodness we got over that phase!

traditional clock refinish repaint

It started out this dark red with an aged looking face.  So I basically played around with it until I could figure out how to pop out the face.  Then I carefully took off the hands so I could get access to the paper background.  Using just cheap-o craft paint, I painted the face a soft blue (which seems to be a very popular color here). Then used a stamp to modernize the face. I just free-handed the little tick marks.

refinish clock

I gave the rest of the clock three light coats of high gloss white paint.

spray painting a clock

Then popped all of the pieces back together.  And voila!  A fun, modern clock that I have no idea where to put.  I’m thinking it’ll end up on our kitchen shelves.  More on that once we actually buy the shelves…

modern diy clock

My only regret is not fixing the cracks beforehand.  Aw well, if it bothers me in a few months, I might.


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