Yesterday I went to Ikea to get a new dresser for our bedroom. Of course that turned into finding a ton of great things and ended up sparking a DIY project. Remember the mirror you saw in one of the first posts of my living room? You know, the ones where I used my phone and could hardly see past the blur? Well in one of the pictures, you might have noticed my photoshopped words “ignore the mirror” painted above a gold mirror that was leaning against a wall. This mirror has wandered through the different rooms of our house not ever having a true home. The reason behind it is mainly because it’s gold. I bought this mirror knowing we weren’t exactly gold people, but couldn’t resist. It stared at me day after day back when I worked in a home decor shop. I finally broke down and bought the thing. The problem was we didn’t exactly have anything to do with it.


Then I realized it didn’t have to be gold. I remembered a hotel we stayed at that had the same color blue walls as our bedroom accented with silver. So I loaded up the kids, headed down to Lowe’s and bought a can of Rust-oleum spray paint for about $6.


After wiping down the mirror and taping the glass over with paper, I brought it outside and spray painted it. It covered everything with one coat, but I went ahead and did two.


Then I used a cheap tube of acrylic black paint (and when I say cheap, I mean about a dollar from Hobby Lobby) and a rag to add an antique effect. I basically slapped to black paint on and then wiped it away leaving traces of black behind.

When I hung it in my room, I decided it still didn’t have that depth I was looking for, so I added black to each dot. Before the paint dried, I dabbed it with my rag so the silver still showed through.


Overall, I’m happy with how it came out. I feel like it’ll actually be used now that it has a permanent spot above my dresser. And look, there’s my jewelry box right below, so I can get ready right there. I would love to hear refinishing stories if anyone has any? Oh and by the way, those are Myra’s feet in the first picture.  🙂


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