For a long time, I’ve wanted to add personalized art/photography to my home. I plan on creating some kind of gallery art on our stairwell, but that takes a lot of planning and $$ for the frames. I keep telling myself I’ll find a variety of frames from a thrift store and paint them the same color but end up overwhelmed with the piles of random pictures.

Today I started my much simpler “gallery”–a pair of frames over the kitchen table with an artsy picture of my kids. Hmmpf! An artsy picture with a four-year-old and a one-year-old? Easier said that done.

Anyway this is an example of what I want it to look like:

I guess I’m still working on the photos. I want to be 100% sure of what I buy before I pay for it. This will be a fun addition to our space, though, as I plan to swap out the pictures as they grow.

For Jaden, I tossed out a few oranges (which he ate with the peel still on) to try to occupy him while I snapped a few aerial shots.

Myra was easier to photograph other than the fact that she kept talking.

I edited them in Photoshop adding a gaussian blur to the border. If only my good camera was working, these images would probably have worked just fine. But they are a tad blurry so I may have to retake them. Well, at least putting them in my ideal Ikea frames makes me feel accomplished.

If anyone has photo-taking advice (or how-to-keep-your-kids-still-while-photo-taking advice), I’d love to hear it!


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