Yesterday I took a trip over to Target in search of–yup, you guessed it–more baskets. I had seen some matching baskets like the ones in our entertainment center that were long and short. I’d hoped they would work in the bottom two middle shelves, but they ended up not being quite as long as I remember. But that didn’t stop me from finding anything great.
I’m close to giving up on my bedspread (remember the photo from the other day? it’s below). It’s still out of stock online, and there’s only one lonely queen size left in my Target. What I did learn is that they sell the same fabric of the spread in a tablecloth. Ding, ding, ding. I started to grab it but decided to wait until I could figure out what the rest of my bed ensemble would consist of.
Then I came these across cloth napkins from the same line (Dwell Studio) and for just $9.99 for a pack of four. I snagged two sets as a sneaky little DIY idea came to life in my head. Why not make pillow out of them? It was quite easy to do (I’m definitely NOT a sewer), and this project could be done out of a number of things: bandanas, towels, old clothes, sheets, etc.
First I gathered my supplies: the napkins, sewing machine, thread, pins, scissors, polyfill. I pinned the napkins with the right side facing each other. As an afterthought, I realized I could have added trim or a ruffle, but I kept them fairly basic.
Next I stitched a zigzag along about three and 2/3 of the edges of the napkins (again, not a sewer so there may be a better suited stitch to use; I just figured a zigzag was stronger than a straight line). The good thing about using napkins is that it’s already stitched up so no need for ironing/measuring and cutting.
After flipping the pillow right side out, I began stuffing it with the polyfill. Lastly, hand stitch the opening, and viola! You have one mighty fine, hand-crafted pillow.
So here’s the breakdown of what I spent:
Napkins (2 sets): $19.98
Polyfill (already owned 2 packages and had to purchase the third): $2.99
Total for all 4 pillows: $22.97
Not bad, eh? Well, I hope to do this again pretty soon. I have this great geometric table cloth (also from Target’s Dwell Studio line) that I don’t use that often because it’s the wrong size for my table. I planned on hemming it down, but now I’m considering updating my big floor pillows that we keep in the shelf of my coffee table. I’m currently searching for the perfect chocolate brown fabric to use for the underside of the pillow since I don’t have enough table cloth for both sides. I also would like to find a matching mustard color to stick some handles on the sides since these get tugged around so much in our house.
Well, I’ll keep you updated on the progress of the floor pillows. Do you have any great, cheap DIY projects?

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