After a long evening of shopping at thrift stores, I ended up finding the best deals at Marshall’s. I sort of go into thrift stores with the mindset of not looking for anything in specific but knowing what I need around the house. So I browsed and felt “eh” about a lot of things but never really had that giddy I-have-to-have-that feeling. But when I got to Marshall’s I found deal after deal.

When I first walked in, I was greeted with all of the Father’s Day gifts. I browsed them, of course, hoping one of the several items on my husband’s wish list would magically pop up. Instead I found a charging station for our Wii remotes for only $19.99. Squeal!

But really, I was on a quest for home decor (surprise, surprise). Once I made it to that department I was completely overwhelmed! There were so many inexpensive things that I just HAD to have. In the end I landed these gorgeous square and deep plates. They’re perfect because I purposefully bought all white dishes from Ikea so I could buy an assortment of cute bowls/side dishes to use depending on my mood.


Then I came across this adorable tray. I didn’t really need it, but I thought “what the heck?” and looked at the price: $2.50 marked down from $24.99. Uh…90% off? Sold! Myra and I share a tea party at least once a week so I figure it’ll make a lovely tea tray. For now I’m hoping to use it as a centerpiece.

And I realized I’d suddenly developed a surprisingly different color scheme than what I’d had in mind. But I think I like it. I’m going to have to purchase some complimentary color flower to go in the jar I’d thrifted the other day and maybe some votives to go around the vase.

UPDATE: I just returned from my trip to Alabama and realized this post was still pending in drafts. Ugh!  Well, I figured I’d add to it rather than write another post about shopping right after.

When I was on vacation, my mom took me to her one and only weakness: Bath and Body Works. I went in not expecting to find much, but was instead greeted by signs displaying 40–90% off! That’s insane! So, naturally, I took a look around. I didn’t have much in my hands and planned on keeping it that way until my sister called me over to a basket section. 90% off! At first it didn’t process…how could the $5 basket I held in my hand be given to me for a mere 50 cents? Then I found more of the baskets in various sizes. I found the mother-load! Three sizes and I got two of each. Originally priced at $4, $5, and $6. I got all six for a total of $3 plus tax. Yup, that’s some serious thrifting.


Then trouble hit me again when I had to make a routine trip to Hobby Lobby. 80% off signs… I casually browsed as I usually do with no intention of making an unnecessary purchase. Until I saw the baskets. My husband asked what the sudden obsession was about. The truth was I’ve always wanted a good assortment of baskets around the house, but they’re just so dang expensive. That day I landed a large square one with leather handles and lined with fabric for just $3.70. Can’t beat that, huh?


This week away from work has been tiring, though. Shopping can wear a girl out…


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