I have officially conducted my first home improvement experiment. And the result…great! Remember that hole in the wall? Well, it has officially been patched!

There’s sort of a funny story with the hole other than the one from the previous post about how the hole came about. Somehow Jason came across two small pieces of sheetrock to use on the hole. So I whipped up the courage to fix it myself. I got the first piece in fine. After letting it dry I realized I’d misplaced the second, and by the time I found it I realized it wouldn’t be so easy to put in. I didn’t want to push it too hard and risk it falling into the wall. So I put it off. About another year later and here are the steps I followed to fix our wall. Because we are anti-hole-in-the-wall.

First I gathered my supplies: the piece of sheetrock, joint compound, a putty knife, a saw, and a book. I measured the size of the hole and cut the sheet rock to size. Then I spread the joint compound on the outside of the sheetrock and also on the inside of the hole. I carefully put it in the hole so it was still sticking out slightly. Using the book, I slowly pushed it in until the book was flat against the wall. I did this because I was afraid that if I used my hands, I would push it through. Next I removed any excess joint compound. If you have textured walls, you can spray on texture. Last paint to match!



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