Today Myra and I went out thrifting. Good Will is a great place to find things for decorating when you’re on a budget. I went in looking for picture frames for one of our walls (I’ll share that idea later) but knew that I needed an open mind. Of course I came out with everything but frames.

I found this amazing teal mason jar with a built in wire for hanging (snagged for $1.99). My plan for this is for either fresh bouquets of flowers or candles if we ever have our summer party.

The chair was really keeping a promise for Myra. Her other one broke and we’d been meaning to buy her a new one, and this one was only $1.99 which is way less than the chairs we were looking at.

Last we found this charging station for our cell phones. This is something I’ve been searching for for a long time. I’ve wanted one of these since I first came across them at Pottery Barn (which can be found here for $64.00 on sale). This one was marked at $0.99! I couldn’t believe it when I saw it.

And the grand total is… Five bucks and change. You can’t beat that for three unique thrift store finds and a fun afternoon out for the girls.


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