Living Room Notes, Take 2

I’m not sure why I keep getting so anxious to blog about my home that I take horrible pictures during the wrong time of day, but that is the case once again. I guess it’s okay, though, since these are the before pictures and they’re allowed to be crappy. That’s sort of the point on most of those weight loss drug or acne treatment pop-up ads you come across online. This is my pop-up ad before picture. I promise the finished product will be much more appealing.

Moving onward, I’ve taken these pictures so you can get an idea of what my living room looks like as of now. And let me tell  you ahead of time, these pictures are real. Kindly observe the oh-so-graceful-as-she-poses, Myra–my wonderful four year old girl. Notice how she carries her pink cup full of goldfish crackers with such poise while sporting a lovely genie costume snagged from the clearance aisle the day after Halloween for $1.99. It’s a hard life, being four.

Gah, that’s twice I’ve gone off on tangents.

My living room. This is pretty much how it looks. Dark, dull, and lifeless. That soon will change. My goal is to take what I see as problems (the dark furniture and decor) and turn them into positives. Like I showed you in the previous post, I love country style with a modern edge. Simple pieces with cheery pops of color. Jason, my husband, does not like the country style as much. He’s more of a modern guy, so I hope to balance our styles nicely rather than us continue to disagreeing and ignoring the fact that we’ve lived here five years and have hardly decorated at all.

What has to stay…
The sofa. We purchased this couch only a year ago. I think I lost touch of the Alabama in me for a brief moment and felt extra Texas-y that day. I was pregnant and the comfort overtook me. Not that I don’t like our sofa…I just wish I thought of color more than just “oooh, it’s leather and makes my back happy!”
The entertainment center, if you can call it that. It’s actually more like a really big TV stand. This is actually my favorite part of our living room. We found it at our favorite furniture store, Lacks (which has since gone out of business). The problem with the entertainment center is that we never really found anything to go on it rather than the two baskets, purchased from Target, and the equipment we have.
The paint. Sigh. Basically, I’ve lost my painting license in our house. I generally tend to get really excited about certain things. Paint falls into this category. After painting the entire house (twice), and hiring someone to paint the edges of our vaulted ceilings because I’m deathly afraid of ladders (yep, twice), Jason told me I’m no longer allowed to paint.

What can get the boot…
The artwork. Alright, so I love our artwork. The problem is that it’s bringing the mood down. The metalwork above the couch is nice and we got a really good deal on it, but it’s so dark and cage-like. The trio of framed metalwork (which you probably can’t even really tell is metalwork in this picture) is hung above the staircase. Same problem. Dark and serious traditional, out. Fresh and clean modern, IN!
The tables. These were Ikea finds. When we were desperate for end tables, Jason headed over to Ikea and stumbled across these simple, modern tables. Later on, I went back for the matching coffee table. Of course, we played it safe with black. The story of our lives… We need something eclectic to add more interest to the space.

What’s needed…
Curtains. We need something soft and airy to finish off the windows. Right now they’re so bland and almost sharp with nothing to soften them up.
•  Odds and ends. In a good way. When flipping through decor magazines, what I always find that makes a room is all the stuff that could be viewed as junk but is brought together in a way that makes sense. I’m crossing my fingers to come by some cool stuff throughout this adventure.

Oh and before I head out, let me explain the hole in the wall. This is from our previous TV that hung from the wall that we never patched. Somehow my father-in-law and Jason used the hardware parts from a metal shelf to attach to the back of the TV an hang it to the wall (the hole was for the wires). We were so proud to have “beat the system” by creating our own hanging device that we didn’t realize our poor TV was slowly overheating. We’d created TV cancer. If you ever consider making your own flatscreen hanger, I do not recommend doing this. Fork out the money for a legitimate version. There’s a reason the designers get paid the big bucks.


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