Yesterday I began cleaning out my garage. I tend to push that part of the house to the back of my mind, but for some reason I woke up ready to conquer it. Not much happened other than putting things back where they belong and giving it a good sweep. But there are plans to do more to it. Of course they’re up in my noggin for now. I’ll get them on paper ready to share with you soon.

As for the front yard, I’m sort of in trouble. You see, stubborn and determined as I am, I told my husband that I could handle the landscaping and there was no need to hire anyone to do it.  Long story short, my attempt did not go so well thanks to the Texas heat. Time to redeem myself. I’m crossing my fingers for a second chance before having to open the wallet up for Mr. I-know-what-I’m-doing-because-I’m-a-“professional.” Is it weird to be inspired by this fantastic yellow door? It is my favorite color. We’ll see if I get bold enough to update my own entrance in a similar fashion. Go bold or go home, right?


I love the white around this summery yellow door. The simple potted plants, bold knocker, and contemporary street numbers really welcome you in. I want this door. It seems as though a trip to Ikea is well underway.


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