Lazy Home is my new blog created to inspire, share, create, and grow.  My reasons for starting this blog are simple: I need to be held accountable for my household.  This may seem like a strange statement, but the truth is we live a world where your home doesn’t always seem to come first.  Between working, errands, kids, school, and so much more, we tend to just want to slump on the sofa once we’ve escaped the crazy world out there.

And when I say home I don’t just mean the literal house.  I’m talking about the decorating, organizing, cooking, family, budgeting, baking, and so much more.  These past few years, my life has fallen more and more out of balance.  It’s time to level things out again.  And that’s why I’ve began this site.  To hopefully get back on track and pull things into perspective.  If you’re like me and have so much on your plate that you’re ready to raise that white flag, stick around for more posts as I try to figure out this thing called life.  Pretty soon, I’ll have photos of progress and photos of (oh boy) the current status of my home.

Also, I should mention that I’m new to WordPress.  I hope that my blog doesn’t look completely crazy.  That will improve, I promise.  If there really is someone out there who happens to stumble upon this post, thank you!


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